Recently engaged!


H and I have been together 3 1/2 years and on Christmas morning he proposed! We’ve talked a lot about marriage for the last year, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise, but needless to say I was overjoyed. There was ugly crying.

H is Japanese, I am British, we live in Tokyo. Because there aren’t many blogs about intercultural weddings in Japan, about the details of getting married in Japan as a foreigner, or about the emotional and cultural challenges that this process will doubtless pose, I thought I’d start this blog. I hope to create a document that will help others in a similar situation and help people learn a bit more about what it means to get married in this situation.

There are a few things I’ve repeatedly searched for without luck, I’m going to note them here to help me come back to them when making future posts and hopefully address them as I learn more:

-Having a DIY wedding in Japan: it seems it’s a package wedding or nothing here!
-What the emotional process of an intercultural marriage is like for women with Japanese partners
-Japanese wedding traditions: in particular more secular traditions
-How to reflect your cultures in your wedding day
-How to have a wedding on a low, low-budget in Tokyo, whilst still actually having a wedding
-What a wedding is in Japan and how this differs to my culture
-How to navigate cultural differences and a big language barrier when wedding planning
-How to deal with being away from all my childhood friends and support network throughout this process, getting to grips with not being able to have many of my loved ones attend

Hopefully I’ll also document some other stuff that might be helpful as I deal with it, like the paperwork etc, though this is often blogged about elsewhere.

I’m very excited to be engaged. I’m almost equally as daunted by the journey ahead. I hope that this process is a great opportunity for growth and learning.


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