Something New by Lucy Kinsley

It’s been a long time since I read a graphic novel, but when I saw this one mentioned on Reddit Wedding Planning I decided I wanted to read it for sure.


You can find out more on Lucy Kinsley’s website here, the ISBN of this graphic novel is 978-1626722491.

The autobiographical graphic novel follows the backstory of Lucy’s relationship and engagement, focusing primarily on the emotional journey of wedding planning. I found it brought up a lot of interesting points, for instance the pressures women are under to diet, and the way in which women are heavily marketed to (when men are not) during the planning process and even things like how this affects our experience online through constant ad placements on social media.

I bought it on Kindle, because being in Japan meant the price was higher for a physical book, and as much as I love them, H and I plan on moving in the next couple of months, so collecting more stuff is a bad idea as I’m already such a hoarder. I ended up spending the majority of today reading it and thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

It was nice to read how a fellow feminist, atheist, bride pulled together her wedding and made it her own, as well as enlightening me as to many of the stresses that will surely lie ahead for us.

If you enjoy comics and are planning a wedding, would like an alternative to the depiction of weddings in magazines and Hollywood films, or feel like you need a little perspective from someone who’s lived through it, then I recommend this book. If you know someone who is, it would make a great gift.

You can buy signed copies through independent retailer Oblong Books and Music, or on Amazon.


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