Daily life


We’re moving house soon, in Early March to be exact. I’ve been making a lot of calls and arrangements, trying to wrangle my life into boxes and get rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need. I am a real hoarder and this slaps me in the face each time I move.

H seems to be doing ok, it’s stressful for both of us, but he has less stuff than me and the language barrier is tough for me to deal with when it comes to calling utilities companies and dealing with internet installation options. I’m taking on the challenge and doing ok so far though.

I’m excited, but my nerves are overshadowing that mostly. So, to recenter on that sense of excitement here are my top 10 things I feel positive about for the move:

  1. We can get a cat! We are renting, not owning, so this was difficult to find, but we got a cat-friendly place.
  2. We’ll be living within walking distance of most of my friends, I can go out without worrying about the last train. I socialise quite a lot and H is very introverted, so I’m often going home alone. This is a big thing that I’m happy we managed to et from my wish list.
  3. The house is far bigger than I’d hoped for and is also detached.
  4. There is a great kitchen, with 3 gas rings, good light and a lot of storage, none of these things are a given in a Japanese apartment.
  5. There are 2 toilets, never have I experienced this intense level of luxurious living!
  6. There’s a good layout and flow to the space.
  7. The inside of the house is light and the shoji screens mean it is absolutely private, I love that so much.
  8. It’s in a quiet part of town, which will hopefully make H feel safe and relaxed.
  9. We have enough space that we won’t be in each other’s hair, so we can be together by choice, not because we have no alternative, which feels healthy.
  10. The living room is maybe even big enough for us to have our wedding ceremony there.




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